At some point on your wedding day, take a moment to dance in the dust barefoot and soak it all into your bones. Don't be afraid to get your dress dirty, it's a sign of a day filled to the brim with joy and life. Let the day pour into your spirit and even overwhelm you a bit. I want to you to be present and experience every gosh darn piece of it, and I will be right there, camera in hand to make the moments last a lifetime. 

I approach my wedding days with a documentary style perspective with an editorial flare. I like to be a fly on the wall and document the day as it unfolds as much as possible, but there are times when direction is needed and I am here for that. Also what girlie doesn't like a few glamor shots where you feel like a super model. My approach is to document how the day felt and to express your personal energy through my images. Think visual poetry. 

Whether we are taking your engagement photos in your hotel room in Sicily, or hiking a mountain out of breath together to get the two of you hitched, I want to capture your experience. I have danced in the Bali rain and ocean spray after the most beautiful vow exchange. I have spent the day in my couples childhood home watching them get their makeup done by their sisters. Whatever the case I want to experience it all with you. The adventure will be extraordinary because of the experience unfolding authentically and naturally. 

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