Before I was a full time wedding photographer, I was a flight attendant. I am confident with international and domestic travel and I am here to help you with any and every travel question or need you may have. I am here to be your guide, your googler, and yes, even your photographer. My soul ignites when I am out exploring or on a new adventure and I would be so honored to capture what this means to you. I believe the place you get married means something. Whether that be your very own back yard where you have created lifelong memories together, or your very favorite place you've ever explored together. Or even a place that has been forever on your bucket list, I want to capture you in the place that means something, and sets YOUR soul on fire. I am a girl who loves nostalgia and creating new memories, and I simply cannot wait to do that with you. 

Hello I'm Emma Quinn, a girl with messy hair and a messier heart. My "spirit animal" is Phoebe Buffay and Zoe Kravitz. I feel most like myself under Yosemite sun or in the terra-cotta halls of Morocco. I'm a girl with a passion for stretchy black jeans, most likely (absolutely) unbuttoned. I'm a soul addicted to the thrill of experiencing adventure and exploring unfamiliar places. I am a city slicker, a mountain momma and a homebody all wrapped into one.